Complementing the makeup - blush

Blush can add a subtle glow to the face or rejuvenate it. However, incorrectly applied, it can also become the best product to help you get the look of a clown ready to go out to a fancy dress party.

The golden rule - never smile when applying color to your cheeks. When you smile, there are tiny lines around your eyes that the blush will not penetrate. So when you relax your face, it will leave lines that look like wrinkles.

The way of applying blush

Round face - apply the blush from the middle of the ear towards the mouth. Pull your cheeks in and paint where they collapse.

Square face - we apply the blush diagonally from the temples to the wings of the nose. Brown powdery pink is best for a square face.

Heart-shaped face - we apply the blush just below the cheekbones.

Rectangular face - the blush is applied horizontally on the line of the cheekbones.

Oval face - does not require correction. To refresh the face, apply a small amount of blush to the very center of the cheeks.


Satin pink with an exceptionally soft structure. When touched with it, the face becomes illuminated, it gains a fresh, healthy look. Very durable, manufactured using innovative technology. Available in several fashionable color variants.

The unique blush beautifully illuminates the face, giving it a natural, healthy color. The silky texture guarantees a velvety make-up finish throughout the day. It has a rich color palette that allows you to choose between natural and intense makeup.

Make - up artist's advice :

Remember that blush is used to emphasize and enliven the natural skin tone, not to alter it. When applying the blush, remember that it is never too close to the nose and mouth! Because you're gonna look like you've had too much alcohol.