Corrective eye makeup

It is not easy for small eyes to add expression, wide or narrowly spaced ones can cause complexes. And yet in a few simple steps we can get the perfect look. In the daily battle for the perfect symmetry of eye makeup, a liner, mascara and brush will be a weapon. The combat tactic in modeling the shape of the eyes is revealed by Agnieszka Sęczkowska, make-up artist for special tasks of the Golden Rose brand.

The main thing is a good diagnosis

While determining the size of the eyes is based on a subjective assessment, their spacing can be determined according to certain standard criteria. So a mirror in your hand, and complexes aside! A model spacing is one in which the distance between the eyes corresponds to the length of the eye. However, if this distance is greater or clearly less, we do not have to wring our hands. We can achieve perfect symmetry by following very simple rules.

Cat's eye for closely set eyes

People who have eyes close to the axis of the face should remember the iron rule in make-up: paint the inner corners with a very light shade that will illuminate them, while the outer ones are strongly marked with dark shadows stretched beyond the eyelid and a line curled upwards. When mascaraing eyelashes, also remember to emphasize those closer to the outer corner. For those who have a narrow spacing of the eyes, make-up is perfect, in which the line on the upper and lower eyelids is made from the middle of the eye, extending it quite far. It is also worth applying shadows to the lower eyelid. In order to achieve an elongated and sharp line of shadows between the outer corner of the eye and the eyebrow ridge, we stick a sticky tape. With a dark shadow, draw an arrow, one arm of which will be marked by a tape, and the other should run through the eyelid crease. We shade the eyelid from the middle to its outer side. Remember to slightly rub the edge of the shadows after removing the tape.

Natural makeup for eyes wide apart

Makeup optically reducing the distance between the eyes can be a challenge. It would seem that it is enough to use the reverse method to the previous example, i.e. dark shadows from the side of the nose, light shadows in the outer corners and it's ready! In practice, such makeup does not look very good, the eyes seem tired. It's easy to overdo it here and lead to a stylistic disaster! So what is the advice for those who have eyes that are set too far? The inner corners should be sprinkled with a flesh-colored shade, necessarily matte. Pearl unnecessarily emphasizes the distance between the eyes. The remaining eyelids are covered with a darker beige shade, and then accentuated with a darker brown eyelid refraction line. But remember not to go beyond the eyelids. We gently emphasize the lower eyelid with shadows, not closing the lines in the outer corners of the eyes. Use a brown crayon to make a slightly blurred line outlining the inner corner.

The smoky eye reduces the large eyes

Large or bulging eyes also look beautiful with smoky makeup. If we want to optically reduce the eye, we should make friends with soft kajal pencils and rubbing sponges. A slightly blurred border of an intensely black pencil will do wonders. If we additionally pull it up slightly, we will give the eyes a beautiful almond shape. Do not be afraid to use dark shadows on the entire eyelid, but hide pearl and highly shiny shadows at the bottom of the drawer. Simple everyday makeup? We mark the water line of the eyes with a black line. When applying a dark shadow in your favorite color, remember to make it more intense at the lash line. Lightly rub it upwards, giving the eyes a more rectangular or catlike shape, while the eyebrow arches are highlighted with a flesh shadow. We mascara the eyelashes strongly.

Light up the little eyes

It would seem that marking the contour adds expression to the eyes? In the case of small eyes, too strong a line can only hurt us! Therefore, owners of small or deep-set eyes should provide beauticians with eyeliners in shades of brown or gray. It also includes colorful palettes of shimmering shadows that will optically enlarge the eyes. The outer corner of the eye is shaded with a clear color, going beyond the crease line of the upper eyelid. In the central part of the eyelid, we add a pearly accent in a light shade that will emphasize the eye, while the inner corner is illuminated to open the gaze. Use a gray or brown crayon to draw a thin, barely visible line, and gently pull it upwards. And underline the waterline of the lower eyelid with a flesh-colored or very light colored pencil. We cover up eyelashes mainly on the upper eyelid.