Dazzling on a special day!

The season of organizing weddings and wedding receptions begins. Undoubtedly, one of the very important elements when preparing for the big day is the choice of wedding makeup. The future brides want to look stunning, fresh and natural. Simplicity and elegance dominate the wedding make-ups. Illuminated face, underlined eye and subtly shimmering lips - this is a make-up proposal from Golden Rose . All attention is focused on underlined, shaded eyes. A transparent, shimmering lipstick adds naturalness and lightness.

Wedding makeup will accompany the bride for many hours. It should be made to look great both in daylight and under the artificial light of ballroom lamps. The appearance of the skin is the most important element here, so the products used should be durable. A matte finish, smoothing and good coverage will be provided by the Longstay series - foundation and powder . The use of Make-Up Primer Luminous with gently illuminating properties, will additionally extend the durability of the make-up. Appropriate contouring made with the gold Highlighter Stick and the Longstay Blush Trio blush palette will give your face radiance and three-dimensionality.

The Professional Palette Eyeshadow palette was used in the presented eye make-up . The base color is the lightest shade, gradually changing into a pastel peach. The outer corner of the eye is dominated by a dark color that enhances the clarity of the look. Additional illumination is provided by a champagne shade of the pencil applied to the inner corners and the eyebrow arches. Eyelashes painted with thick Wonder Lash mascara and highlighted eyebrows complete the look!   

The subtle Sheer Shine Stylo Lipstick in a delicate salmon color 05 is the perfect highlight of the makeup .