Eyebrow zoom

Cara Delevinge, thanks to her phenomenally lush eyebrows with an incredibly natural arch, stole the hearts of fashion designers and photographers and became an inspiration for makeup artists, setting a completely new trend in makeup. A strong accent on neat, perfectly defined eyebrows with a slightly boyish, cheeky shape. However, do they suit everyone?

Choosing an eyebrow shape that will suit your face is not an easy task, hence frequent mishaps: too rare, inappropriate shape, too expressive color or too theatrical makeup effect. So how to avoid mistakes in eyebrow regulation and makeup? Agnieszka Sęczkowska, make-up artist Golden Rose, advises how to tame the eyebrows so that they become a perfect frame for the eye.


We will achieve the most beautiful effect in makeup with well-groomed and naturally thick eyebrows. If you want to give them a bit of care, you can apply ready-made conditioners or brush them with a few drops of castor oil. The method of depilation is also important for the condition of the hair. If you regulate them yourself, it is worth doing it after the bath, when the skin is fluffed and the hair is easier to yield to tweezers. To relieve pain, it is a good idea to put an ice cube for a while and stretch the skin. Remember to pick out the hair with the direction of growth.

What shape?

This is probably the biggest dilemma faced by most women. Fortunately, trendsetters encourage you to give the floor to mother nature and show what she has bestowed on us. So we give up persistent nibbling, thin threads are a thing of the past! Using tweezers or a thread loop, we remove only unnecessary hair that goes beyond the natural eyebrow line. Sloppy, they will make your face look tired and unkempt. That is why our goal is to organize and refresh them. If earlier we got into the habit of plucking the hair intensively, let them grow back. We can temporarily mask the not very nice effect of growing eyebrows with a point corrector.


If we are not happy owners of thick and bushy eyebrows, and we want to check how we will feel in the most fashionable styles of the winter season, we can help with light makeup. Henna is not a good solution because it only darkens the color of the hair, but does not add volume. To achieve the most natural styling, the eyebrows should be the same color as the hair at the base. Blondes can shade them up to two tones, otherwise they will look artificial and kitschy. Brunettes, on the other hand, should choose a color that is a shade lighter than their hair. Black eyebrows can age us and look unnatural. The exception are situations when we want to achieve a futuristic effect straight from fashion shows, but then remember that eyebrows can be the only strong accent in the entire styling.

Combed effect

Before painting, the eyebrows should be brushed. You can use the comb attached to the pencils or a carefully washed and dried brush made of used mascara. Thanks to thorough combing, the eyebrows acquire a natural, smooth appearance. Thanks to this, we can also see the natural direction of their arrangement. We draw thin lines between the hairs with a carefully sharpened eyebrow pencil, from the bottom up. Eyebrow pencils are usually a bit harder, thanks to which they allow for more precision in painting and filling in gaps. We never draw one thick line along the entire length of the eyebrow! Then comb the hair again, smearing the drawn lines.

Matte shade

If you want to give expression to thick eyebrows, you can use a matte shade that can be found in our cosmetic bag. However, remember to choose tones that are as close to the shade of your hair as possible, i.e. beige, brown, ashes. We apply them with a relatively hard brush, slightly elongating at the ends. Finally, of course, we brush them upwards thoroughly to give them lightness. For a mischievous, disheveled effect, you can finally sprinkle them with a little hairspray. The effect will last all day.