HD underlay - 5 most important features

We are constantly expanding our product range with new products. One of them is the HD series which includes concealer, foundation and powder. A characteristic feature of the new HD foundation is that it gives the skin the effect of a delicate make-up finish .

Characteristics of HD underlay

The foundation comes in an elegant, stylish and handy 30 ml package. The color palette includes as many as 10 shades.

Thanks to its unique and well-pigmented formula, diffusing light, the foundation will perfectly help us to smooth the skin and correct minor imperfections and cover up fine wrinkles.

Its oil-free, moisturizing formula evens out the skin tone, ensuring complete coverage and hydration of the facial skin for long hours. An additional advantage of our newest foundation is that it contains vitamin E and an SPF 15 filter that protects the skin against harmful sun rays. It can be applied directly to the skin or using a base coat.

The foundation will be perfect for preparing many types of makeup. Both those for everyday use, as well as those for larger events and special occasions. We also recommend it to be used in the preparation of evening make-up.

A product that will perfectly match the newest HD foundation is our newest powder, also from the HD series. Its task is to gently smooth, mattify and brighten our skin.

The product spreads very easily and smoothly on the skin, providing an even and finish, while leaving a fresh and radiant look all day long.

Like the previously mentioned HD foundation, the powder also contains an SPF 15. It can be used directly on the skin or on the foundation.

Foundation and powder are one of the most popular products in a women's makeup bag. They are basically the basis for any makeup. An important issue when choosing a foundation is to choose the right shade so that it does not stand out too much on our skin. It is also worth remembering that you will need a slightly different shade in winter and a different shade in summer.

We encourage you to test our latest HD foundation and use it for your makeup.