How to apply foundation with a brush or sponge - guide

The face foundation is one of the basic cosmetics we use to make make-up. Its main task is to even out the skin tone, smooth out wrinkles and hide minor imperfections. Each of us probably has our favorite and proven foundation that works in every situation.

How to choose the right foundation?

There are several types of foundations on the market, depending on the formula and finish we are looking for. There are, among others, foundations: liquid, stick, mousse or compact. The Golden Rose brand has a fairly wide range of foundations. Among them there are foundations with a strong and lighter coverage, behind a matte and satin finish, as well as a product that is a foundation and concealer in one.

We would like to pay special attention to the mineral foundation of our brand, the characteristic feature of which is the content of as many as eight minerals. They are: zinc oxide, mica, kaolin, silica, copper, manganese and magnesium. The foundation has a very light and non-overburdening formula. Moreover, it provides very good coverage.

Primers also differ in the method and technique of application.

Most often, we use fingers to apply the foundation, but it is also worth reaching for dedicated brushes and sponges. So how do you use them?

Application with a sponge

Applying the foundation with a sponge ensures a natural and long-lasting effect. An important element in this case is the sponge itself. Its size, structure and material from which it was made. Just before use, it is worth to moisten the sponge with water. Thanks to that, the foundation will be better applied and the sponge will not absorb the product. The next step is just applying the foundation to the sponge and patting it into the skin of your face with quite vigorous movements.

Application with a brush

Another, the most frequently used method of applying foundation is application with a brush, which is perfect for applying foundations, especially those with a thicker consistency. One of the basic rules of applying foundation with a brush is not to dip it into the entire bottle with the content of the foundation, but only to apply a small amount of it to the brush tip. The next step is the application of the foundation itself. Starting at the tip of the nose, then spreading it evenly from side to side towards the temple and lower jaw. The best brushes for the application of foundations are flat brushes, not too large and made of synthetic bristles. We recommend using the remnants of the foundation that will remain on the brush to apply makeup to the neck and ears to prevent the formation of the so-called. color cutoff. Proper brush care is also an important issue. Importantly,

Even and precise application of the foundation on the face is one of the most difficult and important elements of makeup preparation. So let's take care of the right accessories that will help us to easily and quickly apply your favorite foundation.