How to apply mattifying powder?

Lots of women are looking for an option to tarnish their makeup so that the skin doesn't glow. On the other hand, many of us give up the matte finish of our everyday make-up, because applying matting powder is not as simple as applying only a 2-in-1 foundation 

The most common problem when applying make-up is applying too much matting powder to the skin. In this case, it can highlight the wrinkles that we want to hide.

Another problem may be the fact that without applying a make-up base, the powder can accumulate in the crease of the eyelid or even crumble on the face, which no woman wants. Therefore, we have some tips for you on what to do to avoid undesirable effects after applying the powder.

We will ask perversely: maybe you do not need to use it, because it can be replaced with a 2in1 foundation? See for yourself.

4 steps to a perfect matte make-up finish:

As it is already clear from the first part of the article, you should put a base under the make-up to even out the complexion and fix the make-up.

When we move on to applying the powder to the sponge or brush itself, remember to remove excess powder to avoid applying too much powder to the face.

The next step is meticulous, accurate and precise application of the matting powder to the face with circular movements.

The points that each of you should focus on when applying the matting powder are especially the nose, chin and forehead. To avoid the so-called mask effect, you can also apply the powder to the jawline and neck. For a strong make-up fixation, we also apply the powder to the cheeks and under the eyes.

However, if you are not a fan of matting powder, you can use a 2in1 foundation . In its formula, it combines foundation with concealer, so it is not necessary to apply subsequent layers of camouflage cosmetics. The concealer contained in the foundation will even out imperfections, and for the finish and additional fixation of the entire make-up, you can apply transparent powder and the entire make-up will be perfectly finished.