Perfect in every way - nail painting

Well-groomed nails are one of the elements of female beauty, and nicely painted nails attract the eye and make every woman feel attractive and confident. But how to properly perform a manicure so that it looks perfect in your favorite Golden Rose varnishes?




There are certain techniques that, regardless of the size and shape of the plate, make it easier to paint your nails with colored varnishes. By reading these rules, any problems should be solved. The key to achieving perfection is not only the skills, but most of all the appropriate selection of the varnish in terms of its density and the shape of the brush. For a short, small plate, a perfect solution will be to use, for example, the varnish from the Express Dry series , which has a narrow applicator. Thanks to this, we will avoid, for example, dirt on the cuticles, and the varnish will be convenient to apply. For a large tile, we can use varnish from the Rich Color or Color Expert series . Both of them are distinguished by a wide brush and provide color coverage in one layer.

The next step in achieving your dream manicure will be to prepare your nails for painting. It is necessary to polish and thoroughly degrease. Then we will avoid chipping and streaks while applying the varnish. Apply a suitable base on clean nails. A strengthening conditioner, eg Black Diamond Hardener , which, apart from its care properties, prevents the varnish from chipping, will be perfect for this.

Nails prepared in this way can be subjected to the key stage of applying the right color. The following infographic contains the most important elements of this (not) complicated process. Follow it and get the effect you've always dreamed of!