The best mascara brush - how to choose it?

One of the most common questions of Polish women about mascara is which mascara brush to choose? We understand your pain and bitterness when you stand in a drugstore in front of a wardrobe full of shelves full of sagging cosmetics and you wonder if a proven mascara will be better or maybe try something new? Relax, we'll try to make it all easier.

To start with, it's no surprise that most women don't know which mascara brush to choose. There are so many of them: thin, thick, with long and short bristles, brushes with spherical ends, or curved brushes . How are they different from each other?


The best mascara brush - how to choose it? Or is it just a marketing gimmick?

We will start with the fact that the same mascara applied in a different way or with a different brush will look completely different on the eyelashes. Already after the first sentence, it can be concluded that the shape and even the type of material of the brush is important. The basic question that each woman should ask herself is - what effect do we want to achieve? Only later do we move on to the phase of choosing a toothbrush from the silicone or traditional ones.

Beautiful, natural lashes without lumps.

When choosing a mascara, each woman also thinks about preventing the lashes from sticking together. For those who dream of beautiful, combed and separated eyelashes, we definitely recommend models of silicone mascara brushes.

If we want to achieve the effect of thickened eyelashes, we recommend brushes with natural bristles or brushes with silicone bristles with a thick brush base. When it comes to brushes with short bristles, they will work well when painting eyelashes from the very root to beautifully lengthen them.

Some women probably want to curl their eyelashes with mascara, and an hourglass-shaped brush will be the best. It is very effective for short eyelashes. In turn, brushes with a spherical end help to emphasize the eye from the root to the corners of the eye.

To sum up, the mascara brush is not a marketing ploy, and depending on what type of eyelashes we have, it is used to help with everyday makeup to make the eye even more emphasized.