How to perfectly color eyelashes?


Well-painted eyelashes add expressiveness to the look and enlarge the eye. Each of us wants to become the owner of long, thick hair. Various types of mascaras come to our aid. Their formulas differ in functionality and type of brushes. We can choose from thickening inks, such as Wonder Lash Mascara , lengthening - for example 3D Fantastic Lash Mascara , or curling - Essential Great Curl & Volume Mascara. An important element is choosing the right product to get the desired effect. 

Painting eyelashes is a difficult art, but perfect eye makeup definitely satisfies every woman. To emphasize hair, it is worth getting an eyelash curler that will lift and curl them.

When our lashes are ready, we can start painting. Remember to remove excess mascara from the brush during makeup - it will prevent the eyelashes from sticking together. All the steps that should be taken to emphasize our perspective are presented in the infographic below. Mascara in hand!