How to store nail polishes?

Many women wonder how to store nail polishes so that the application is as easy and pleasant as when applying for the first time. Among the factors that affect the quality of the paint, we distinguish temperature and frequency of contact with air. Varnish that is properly stored doesn't really have an expiration date. Provides a comfortable application every time we want to perform a manicure. So how to properly store it to enjoy its excellent quality for a long time?

One idea is to keep the varnish in the fridge. However, this is not a good way, because the varnish formula remains stable in a certain temperature range (10-15 degrees). Excessive cooling may cause an irreversible change in the paint structures, and we would not want such an effect. Similarly with the idea of ​​diluting the varnish, e.g. with a remover. If its consistency has changed, this will not be reversed. Then our attempt to save us is useless. Therefore, solutions of this type should be rejected.

Where should their place be? It should be organized in a shaded place, away from sources of heat and moisture.

How to handle varnish while painting? Before you start applying the color, shake the bottle, which will make the enamel mix. When painting, make sure that the bottle is open as short as possible (air protection). After each use, it is important to seal it tightly and set it vertically. 

The introduction of the above principles should maintain the correct properties of the varnish for a long time and protect them against early loss of qualit