Beauty Blender make-up sponge - how to use?

The fluid sponge has become the favorite of makeup artists around the world. Its structure facilitates the application of makeup - the wider part of the sponge is applied to the forehead and cheeks, and the narrower part in hard-to-reach places, e.g. in the corners of the eyes or the wings of the nose. Beauty Blender by Golden Rose is gaining very good reviews thanks to the finish it gives during application. The sponge increases the hiding power of foundations without causing stains or smudges. Thanks to it, we can easily obtain the effect of light makeup - airbrush. 

The use of the Beauty Blender is very easy.

1. Apply a small amount of foundation, concealer or powder on a damp or dry sponge.

2. Using stamping movements, we apply the product to selected parts of the face.

3. After use, clean the sponge with warm water and soap.

4. Flawless face makeup ready!