How and where to apply the highlighter?

One of the products that is perfect for contouring and correcting the shape of the face is the highlighter . Applying the cosmetic to the right places can make the face look slimmer and natural, leaving the skin radiant and fresh. What should the application of this magic product look like?





1. The application under the eyebrow is perfect for everyone who wants to enlarge the eye and improve the shape of the eyebrows. Thanks to this trick, we obtain a gentle lifting and brightening of the eye area.

2. The application on the cheekbones makes them bulge and gives the skin a radiant look. The enhanced dimensional effect is achieved by applying a small amount of bronzer under the cheekbone.

3. Application on the chin is a perfect way to optically enlarge the lips and emphasize this part of the face. We put it on at the very end to finish make-up.

4. To make the nose appear thinner, apply a small amount of the highlighter to the nose from top to bottom.

5. In order to hide fatigue and at the same time enlarge the eye, apply the product to its inner corners. Look freshness guaranteed!

6. To give your lips a fuller look, apply the highlighter over the cupid's bow (above the upper lip). As you can see, the effect of alluring lips is possible without the help of special and expensive treatments.