Nail care in a nutshell

How to quickly get healthy and shiny nails? The Nail Expert series is here to help ! Our nail stylist shows you how to properly perform a manicure based on regenerating and strengthening conditioners!

We start by removing the skins. An excellent product is the preparation which softens and removes cuticles, Cuticle Remover Gel . We put it around the nail, then after 2 minutes we remove the grown cuticles with a wooden stick.

The next step is the perfect smoothing of the nail plate. Smoothing Base Nail Foundation will be reliable . It will cover all yellowness and discoloration, and in an instant, it will cover scratches and any imperfections on the nail surface.

Black Diamond Hardener conditioner will take care of proper regeneration . After application, it will create a hard, glossy coating on the surface that will strengthen thin and brittle nails. Perfect for nails as hard as a diamond!

For the manicure to be completely finished, after applying the conditioners, apply the nourishing Beauty Oil Nail Cuticle . Its task is to obtain a healthy appearance of the cuticles by lubricating them properly. The fast-absorbing, oil-free formula protects the nail layer and gives the cuticles a smooth appearance.

Time for full regeneration!