Perfect manicure in 5 minutes

Beautiful hands mean smooth, moisturized skin and well-groomed nails, and the perfect manicure is one that brings this effect. It is even better if the hand beautifying procedure is simple and quick, is it possible? It turns out that it is, because thanks to the new products on the cosmetic market, manicure is not so time-consuming.

Water relaxation

It only takes 2 minutes to soak your fingers in warm soapy water. Thanks to this simple procedure, the cuticles around the nails will soften and can be removed. It is best to resign from cutting them (they grow back faster) in favor of moving them away. For this we can use special wooden sticks or a corner of a towel. When removing cuticles, it is worth using a preparation called Cuticle by Golden Rose, which, thanks to the content of almond and grape seed oil, moisturizes them and prevents them from drying out.

File in motion

If the nails are too long, shorten them with scissors or pliers and saw them to obtain the correct shape. They will look most natural with a sawn crescent moon, but more and more people are opting for a more square shape. It is important that the filing is done in one direction to prevent damage to the nail plate.

Time for color ...

or not. For lovers of a natural look, only a colorless conditioner is enough. However, it is hard to resist Golden Rose's appetizing range of Rich Color nail polish colors . To obtain the desired effect, one layer of varnish is enough, which, thanks to a wide brush, spreads quickly and evenly, leaving no streaks. The new Rich Color formula guarantees unprecedented durability of the varnish.

Top Coat

To enhance the effect and protect the color, it is worth using a hardening protective varnish. It is enough to wait 2 minutes after painting the nails to apply Golden Rose's Quick Dry Top Coat , which protects against abrasion and chipping of the nail polish . It also contains UV protective filters, which prevents color fading and yellowing. Unlike other varnishes of this type, Quick Dry Top Coat dries in only 60 seconds. The recently fashionable effect of gel nails is provided by another varnish from this series, called Gel Look Top Coat . Thanks to its unique formula, it gives the nails a high shine. Extremely smooth and shiny nails will keep the beautiful color of the nails for longer, and we will have to wait a long time for the next manicure ...

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