Paradox Interactive has chosen Portal testerki nutrients nail series Nail Expert 's Golden Rose . The following conditioners were tested: Smoothing Base , Cuticle , Oxygen and Black Diamond . What was the result? Below we present the opinion of the EU cosmetic regulation.

The test of Nail Expert nutrients was a great success. As many as 99% of the portal users who took part in it declared that the supplements definitely met their expectations . The ladies also stated that Golden Rose conditioners improved the condition and appearance of their nails.

Below we present the ratings of individual nutrients

Black Diamond Hardener nail strengthening conditioner has a formula devoid of harmful formaldehyde, dbp and toluene. After using the conditioner, a hard and shiny coating is created, thanks to which the nails are significantly strengthened, stop breaking and splitting. It improves the condition of nails after just 4 weeks of use. Its undeniable advantage is also the extension of the durability of the nail polish. 100% of the women participating in the test agreed that the condition of their nails improved significantly after using the product. They have become stronger and more durable. 9 out of 10 make-up girls stated that Black Diamond Hardener prevented split nails as well as their breaking.

Preparation cuticle Cuticle Remover Gel is rich in stem cells rose, and sweet almond oil, complex lipids and peptides based on keratin. Its task is to exfoliate dry cuticles and give the nails a neat, elegant and fresh look. 100% of testers noticed that the preparation exfoliates the skin. Thanks to this, the nails look well-groomed and healthy. The ladies agreed that the preparation is very effective.

Oxygen Nail Growth conditioner accelerating nail growth gives you the opportunity to achieve long nails in a short time. Its formula is rich in antioxidants and apple stem cells. It is thanks to them that the nails grow much faster and are stronger at the same time. Another advantage of the product is that it is also rich in UV filters and gloss ingredients. It is thanks to them that the nails are protected against discoloration. As many as 8 out of 10 Makeup Artists noticed that the conditioner noticeably accelerated the growth of their nails. Moreover, as many as 95% of testers agreed that thanks to the regular use of the product, the durability of the nails increased.

The Smoothing Base Nail Foundation smoothing the nail plate provides the nails with a smooth and elegant look and covers all scratches. Thanks to the preparation, they become imperceptible. It is all thanks to the formula full of minerals, as well as plant stem cells. An additional advantage of the conditioner is that it extends the durability of the varnish applied to it. 9 out of 10 users who tested Smoothing Base said that the product prolongs the durability of the applied nail polish. At the same time, 100% of Makeup Artists noticed that Smoothing Base conditioner provides a beautiful, velvety and smooth look of the nails.

Golden Rose conditioners definitely appealed to the readers of the Wizaż.pl portal. A perfect confirmation of this is the fact that 99% of women said that they would also like to try other products offered by Golden Rose . What is equally important, 98% of Makeup Artists would recommend using a product that their friends had the opportunity to test!