Wedding make-up in a stronger version, i.e. wet contouring

Wedding makeup is mainly characterized by subtlety and delicate illumination. It consists mainly of a line on the eyelid, mascaraed eyelashes and delicately underlined lips. This seemingly simple and radiant makeup is suitable for a date, wedding or evening out. The principle is simple, wedding makeup is primarily to add sensuality, a bit of romance and dazzle everyone with the end result. So how do you do it?

Until now, wedding makeup has been associated primarily with pastel colors. However, recently, future brides more and more often decide to emphasize the eyes or lips slightly while preparing their wedding makeup. This is a proven way to look mesmerizing. A more accentuated eye and delicately emphasized lips are the perfect makeup for special occasions to which the wedding definitely belongs. In this way, we will certainly dazzle everyone with our appearance and attract many eyes.

How to do wedding makeup

Modeling the shape of the face, i.e. the so-called face shape, also plays a very important role in wedding makeup. contouring. Thanks to it, we can easily obtain the desired proportions. For contouring, we can use various products, such as: concealer, foundation, powder, blush or bronzer. There are several possibilities, it is up to us which product we choose. Contouring can be done in two ways. Wet or dry. On occasions like weddings, wet contouring has become more and more popular. Its main property is to achieve a stronger effect and a more expressive face contour. Wet contouring, which is best done with liquid and cream cosmetics, involves applying a light color to areas of the face that need to be emphasized. We are dealing here with the chiaroscuro effect.

For contouring, we strongly recommend our brand products: contouring pencils and a metallic palette .

Crayons are perfect for perfecting facial features. With their help, we can easily slim a round face, narrow a wide nose and emphasize cheekbones. With the help of a palette that includes as many as three products, we will provide the skin with a fresh, shiny and radiant look.

Regardless of which products we choose, there are a few important rules to remember. It is worth remembering that the cosmetic used for lightening or darkening should be one or two tones lighter or darker than the base one and that it should be of the same color tone as it. It is also important to focus on more subtle modeling of the face shape during the day, while in the evening we can afford a slightly stronger effect, which is provided by the wet contouring method. It is also important to make the transitions between lighter and darker cosmetics smooth and gentle. As a result, the correction of facial features will be successful and our appearance will remain natural. Wedding makeup is definitely one of the most important. So let's do everything to make it look impeccable.