Matte lip gloss - what are the most fashionable colors?

Matt gloss mouth or may already lipstick? As you know, the lip gloss by name should sparkle on the lips. For this reason, lipstick in lip gloss was created for those women who love the form of such a cosmetic, but do not necessarily want to have shiny lips. This is a great solution for girls who do not like or do not have time to touch up their makeup after each meal, or just every now and then.

Why is the color on the lips different?

Matte lip glosses became a hit in 2017 and are becoming more and more popular, and thus - manufacturers are creating more and more color ranges of these products for greater customer satisfaction. This is not surprising as they are easy to apply and very durable. Some lipsticks may seem less pigmented after applying the first layer than they appear in the packaging. However, don't be discouraged by this. This is not a defect of the product - most often a second layer should be applied to achieve full coverage. Especially with soft colors.

As you know, both in 2017 and 2018 , nude shades were very popular , i.e. very natural colors, the choice of which should be limited to colors similar to our lips, possibly darker or lighter tones, e.g. beige, pink or even delicate browns.

More and more women are reaching for matte lipsticks, because they appreciate their convenient application and color durability, and additionally, thanks to the vitamin E contained in the lipstick, they nourish their lips.

The most popular colors:

Both the Longstay Liquid Matte and Soft & Matte lipsticks feature not only subdued colors, but also bolder ones:

Red, burgundy, purple, brown, orange, and even gray-purple (colloquially speaking - even livid). There are of course many more shades. Additionally, after consulting Golden Rose make-up artists, we can confidently say that these lipsticks do not tend to weigh on the lips. Perfect for important celebrations, when we will be sure of our appearance.